About The Vidya
The Vidya means Knowledge & Clarity (or Video Games but the other one sounds cooler by accident!) in sanskrit.

Don't let the name surprise you, this might just be the guild you have been waiting for. We are a Pre-BC WoW guild that plays on Feenix's Emerald Dream 1x rate server. Emerald Dream is the top vanilla server notorious for being completely true to it's experience. That means it is 1x rate everything and there is no donation/vote rewards as chosen by the community (finally).

Though we are a /v/ guild we are not limited to players of just our imageboard, what makes us different is our aim to provide a journey together similar to the one we enjoyed long ago. We are a social guild that wants to make similar memories to the ones we all had when we first played WoW. The experience we make is not something to miss if you want to relive the glory days of vanilla WoW.

Our raiding scheduels;
Weekend Raiding 3 PM EST - 9PM ST  (Tier 1 Clear, coalition raid)
Weekday Raiding 7 PM EST - 1AM ST (Tier 1 Clear, coalition raid)
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